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  1. Dec 15,  · WNT16B expression is required for the full transcriptional activation of p21WAF1. Moreover, WNT16B regulates activation of the phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K)/AKT pathway. Overall, we identified WNT16B as a new marker of senescence that regulates p53 activity and the PI3K/AKT pathway and is necessary for the onset of replicative by:
  2. 2 Akt 3 Akt F: 3 Akt G: 3 Akt H: 3 Akt Credits Conductor – Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt; Orchestra – Staatskapelle Dresden; Soprano Vocals – Anneliese Rothenberger 5/5(2).
  3. May 16,  · i Effects of galectin-3 knockdown on apoptotic proteins and Akt signalings by Western blotting assay. j Galectin-3 knockdown partially rescued the inhibitory effect of MCP on cell viability in T24 cells. 48 h after siGal or siNC transfection, 1% MCP was applied to T24 cells for additional 48 h. Cell viability was assessed using the SRB by: 9.
  4. May 13,  · Recent studies have suggested a critical role of the mTOR signaling pathway in HDAC3 phosphorylation. 11 In addition, the PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway is an Cited by: 2.
  5. Aug 21,  · ALK, ER/PR, and HER2 share common downstream activation pathways, such as Ras/MAPK and PI3K/Akt, which ultimately lead to increased transcription, cell proliferation, growth, and survival []. This also may explain that they have similar prognostic effects on Author: Dingxie Liu, Yong Wu, Yong Wu.
  6. A key downstream effector of PtdIns (3,4,5) P3 is AKT (otherwise known as Protein kinase B: PKB), which is recruited to the plasma membrane. Activation of AKT requires the protein kinase 3-phosphoinositide-dependent protein kinase-1 (PDPK1), which in combination with an as yet unidentified kinase leads to the phosphorylation of AKT.
  7. Feb 01,  · The phosphoinositol 3-kinase/Akt pathway plays a critical role in oncogenesis and the dysregulation of this pathway through loss of PTEN is a particularly common phenomenon in aggressive prostate cancers. Several recent studies have indicated that ursolic acid (UA), a pentacyclic triterpenoid, and its derivatives inhibit the growth of cancer.
  8. The serine threonine kinase Akt/protein kinase B is an important mediator of metabolic as well as survival responses to insulin and growth factors ().Akt is activated by translocation to plasma membrane when the PI 3-kinase-generated 3-phosphoinositides bind to its pleckstrin homology domain ().For its full activation it needs to be further phosphorylated by 3-phosphoinositide-dependent.
  9. May 31,  · Its most important downstream target is the serine/threonine kinase Akt. Upon activation, PI3K phosphorylates PtdIns(3,4)P2 to produce PtdIns(3,4,5)P3, which leads to translocation of AKT to the plasma membrane, where it is phosphorylated by the .

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